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Friday, June 11, 2010


The Yoruba,s have brought the art of drumming to a very high pitch.A great variety of drums are made,each with its own special purpose and distinctive sound.The famous African talking drum comes from this part of Nigeria.It is capable of immitating the elaborate tone sounds of the Yoruba language when beaten by a skillfull drummer.
Drummers are proffessional men trained from birth.
This Yoruba boy is playing one of the more popular small drums.When in use the drum is drawn up under the left arm so that the strings linking the skins at each end may be squeezed by pressure from the arm.The wooden portion of the drum has been cut away in the middle for this purpose.By a skillful manipulation of the arm,the tone of the drum may be varied considerably.Bells are hung on the ends of the drum.THE drum stick is always twisted with a large padded end to strike the drum.

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