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Friday, June 11, 2010


The agbada gown is the popular everyday wear of the YORUBA PEOPLE. IT IS COMMON THROUGHOUT WESTERN NIGERIA.
THE Agbada is usually made of locally woven cotton cloth.Striped patterns are favoured but bright,hot colours are seldom used.

The Agbada is cut on the single square pattern with full loose sleeves.The neck and front are embroidered in a rich pattern of contrasting colour applied by means of a sewing machine.
Usually the cap is made of the same material as the gown and is capable of being worn at many different angles.
The trousers are always very full and end well above the ankles.It is usuall for the Yorubas to wear backless slippers with the Agbada.These may be made of coloured wools,leather or beads.
WHEN THE WEATHER IS VERY HOT,THE SIDES OF THE wide sleeves may be folded back so as to expose the open sides of the gown and allow the air to circulate.

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