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Friday, June 11, 2010


The main feature of the Ibo man's dress is the lappa cloth which is wound around the middle and twisted and tucked over at the top and in front.(The lappa,as worn by the people of the Niger Delta,is fastened at the side.)The Ibo is not as conservative in his choice of colours or patterns as are the Yoruba's,Hausa's,Itsekiri's;he will wear any colour or pattern if it appeals to him.It is usuall to wear a modern shirt with the shirt tails outside the lappa.Sometimes,however,the shirt will be of the same colour and material as that of the lappa.There is no national head - dress worn by Ibos and almost any variety of head covering may be seen with the lappa.When fine material is used it is a national costume that can look both dignified and beautiful.

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