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Monday, June 7, 2010


The most southerly Emirate in Nigeria is in the province of Ilorin.Early in the nineteenth century Ilorin was part of the old Oyo Empire but it was conquered by the northern peoples and a fulani Emir installed as ruler.
Th illustration shows the emir in his ceremonial robes.
Over a simple white cotton robe he wears a royal blue cloak trimmed with silver.A simple white turban covers his head,and conceals part of his features when the Emir is in public.The Emir carries his mace of office.The head is made of silver and the handle of ebony.Such maces are only bestowed on First class Chiefs in Northern Nigeria.
The Emir wears slippers which have been decorated with black ostrich feathers.Apart from this slippers the dress is very simple and dignified.

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