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Friday, June 11, 2010


The infantry of the old Queens own Nigerian Regiment wore the bright scarlet zouave jacket as part of their full ceremonial dress and it makes an impressive picture when seen on a ceremonial parade.
It is interesting to note that the zouave jacket probably originated from India or Persia and was later introduced into North Africa by the Arabs.By way of the trans- sahara camel trains it.Apeared in Northern Nigeria earlier on as a civilian dress.However,its history and introduction as part of a milittary dress is quite different.Early in the nineteenth century,the French adopted it as part of a millitary uniform for their soldiers in Tunisia and Algeria.The french millitary zouave was adopted,later when a uniform was designed for the west Indian millitary band.Towards the end of the nineteenth century this was introduced into West Africa by the west INDIAN REGIMENT and the first west African force adopted it.From this force,both the Queens own Nigerian Regiment and THE Nigerian police force was formed, and for this reason they had taken the zouave jacket as part of their ceremonial uniform.

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